Sunday, January 9, 2011

What you won't do for love. . .

So, Opposite George is a little vex with me. Get it together - too much is depending on you now. I know. . .believe me. . .I know!

What do you think of me going back to school? What do you think of me getting a better job? It's not much of a plan. . .but does it sound better than the course I've been heading on. Dead-end job and dealing with a deadbeat ex-husband???!!!

I hope it is. . .and I really need to get a certain someone out of my system :/ Too dickmatized :P

Ah, what I won't do for love. . .dickmatized ain't good either ;) Tall, dark and handsome men offering to be my white knight is not a good combination today with my bailey's caramel - HA!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little belated. . .but Happy New Year!

Hello All,

Here's hoping that this year is not as shiteous as last year. Noticed I complained and griped a lot but I'm still going thru this divorce :S Hope this year things get better and that I have more to look forward too and be happy about. Always trying to look up!!!

I remember back in the day I went out and bought the CD after seeing this vid a billion times on MuchMusic. I was a virgin then. . .now I'm not :P

But now I know that there's nothing like a Muscular Black Man ;)