Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is OVER!!

Well, the mad rush will start all over again next year around the end of October. Hope you got everything you wanted and then some. Just waiting to finish this stinking year now :P Grooving on this chune

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yeah, it's that time of year. Tomorrow's Christmas and all the mad dash will be over!! There's a reason to celebrate - oh and like Jesus and stuff! Hope you have some awesome Christmasey times!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mad Men Love

Man, I'm seriously missing all the shows I love to watch. I swear as soon as they put something on these days, it's cancelled in like a minute. I never get to figure out if I really dig it or not. All this because they lost so much money during the writer's strike. Morons. Thank you AMC for keeping Mad Men on even when they hadn't fully found their audience yet. Mad Men is an awesome show and I lurves it :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Accident Schmaccident!

Alright I've lost my car. Hubby was driving home in less than spectacular weather and whaddya know. . .crash. Right into the guardrail on the highway. At least he wasn't hurt.

As for my very first car though, it's a write-off as the tow truck driver told us. We just got winter tires put on it this week too!!

Well. . .still reeling from the shock of losing the car, I guess it is possible to get attached to inanimate objects. Despite the fact that I wholeheartedly disliked driving. . .I did like driving my car. It was very comfortable and I felt like I really lucked out when i got it. Well, now it's adios amigos. Rest in peace my 2002 Honda CR-V. That's not my car but that's what it looked like except black with Honda rims. . .sniff :(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Make-up, Break-up

I have this friend. Although she was broken up with her ex- boyfriend, she has had old wounds re-opened and is suffering anew. Suffice to say that she is more or less going through this.

This is very difficult for me as well since I am a mommy and want to be a loyal friend who is there, but the lack of sleep is leaving me very much the worse for wear.

But I digress. Through our many, many, many conversations I have wondered what compels someone to get back together with a person who did not think that they were worthy enough to never break-up with in the first place?

I have never been in that situation. Not to say that I don't know that a relationship has it's peaks and valleys, but I've never had my heart broken by someone and thought later that perhaps I should get back together with them. Perhaps I'm too spiteful or vindictive but even if I were the person doing the breaking up I think I would be appalled if the other person suggested we get back together especially if I was so hurt to begin with. I am not a glutton for punishment. Yet, I know many who are.

Why can the people I know not meet someone that they really can't imagine not having in their life and the girlfriend/boyfriend reciprocate wholeheartedly. Despite any highs and lows, you really cannot imagine your life without him/her. To not be someone lost in a relationship. To have your own hobbies, interests and opinions. Your significant other also has their own interests and together you share your joys, sorrows and everything between. But suddenly it falls apart and you both go your own separate ways? Is that what happens? It seems so tragic, what every heart-breaking song and movie and play are about. So then, after all of this, does one say to themselves "It will be different this time, we should be together."

The heart is a very cruel thing, you can never see the scars of the hurt inflicted on it and maybe that's why many forget.

Now I think, will this happen to my children? If it does, what will I say to them? Will they even tell me? Perhaps being the shoulder to cry on is the practice I need. One day, these sleepless nights will be far into the future and I will remember those many discussions with my friends. . .just in case.

Monday, December 15, 2008

One Trip, Two Trip, Three Trip, Floor!

Well, here's Christmas right around the corner and my seasonal visits begin. First up was to the city of Oshawa and Toronto to see family and friends there. Next up, is Owen Sound and then London. It's tiring just writing that, let alone living it.
Every year since I've been married I've made this journey with the exception of when my twins were one. When that happened barely anyone visited me. It was very disappointing since I had made so much effort over the years to equally spend time with folks.
It was also a pain to be playing tug-of-war. The whole "but we always spend CHRISTMAS together" was becoming very tiring from all sides but they eventually got past that. The worst was when I got the "You know the way we grew up was that you went to see the "parents" not the other way around." That was unbelievably irritating but I'm not the confrontational sort so I just kept quiet. As such, I have yet to experience a Christmas waking up from my own bed. When the kids were small we were just busy sleeping because we were so tired all the time so sorta missed out on that one.
Hopefully, the kiddies will look at us one day and say "Mommy, how's Santa suppose to visit us when we're away all the time?"
Or perhaps I'll just start feeding them that line from now so that I can stuff it down those folks throats and wake up in my own damned bed in 2009!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Welcome Post

Let myself indroduce. . .myself. Mother of two and one of the dying breed of stay-at-home mom(I really need to get a job) I have decided to grace the internets with my presence and join the ranks of bloggers who are ranting mommies. As I understand, we are a force to be reckoned with! So welcome creepy internet weirdos to my B-L-O-G!