Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Need Excitement!

So much has changed for me in the last year!

1. D&H is out of the picture --> but remains a friend because he actually is a cool guy

2. Crummy job gone, went back to school and graduated top of my class :)

3. Left L-Town and moved back home. . .still stressed about not having a place for the Things and I but at least we're closer to family and friends.

4. Got a new job, it's not the greatest but hey --> it's better than nothing and pays a lot nicer than the dead-end one so I can spend time with the kiddles

5. For the first time ever, I visited the East Coast to see Dawg get hitched (congrats to him!) and surprisingly met someone there. Crummy dresser but still cute.

6. The same someone gave me some serious bling during Christmastime so we're engaged now :)

7. Lost weight and played Mas in Carnival 2011 --> L and M actually went to Trinidad to do it recently and I'm so onboard with wanting to do that next year!!

8. Despite everything. . .and it is A LOT! Still always want something to look forward too. I hate not being able to look forward to anything. Because then it seems like everyday just rolls into one another I have no life or excitement. Just have to figure out what my next goal will be. BTW -- getting a divorce is still a big priority on that list XD