Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alright Resolutions. . here we go. . .

Okay, diet and exercise and cleaning and organization, etc., I don't like you and you don't like me but I've gotta get serious about you.

Also, two posts in a row for me - Yippee!!

Okay, so here's what has been going down.

The mom-in-law had her partner pass away and was just a mess. I do feel bad but I honestly did not like the guy. Now that I have starting watching Dexter I'm beginning to think I might be more like him regarding death. I guess I see it as a part of life so I don't understand the grief and it makes me deeply uncomfortable to be around them.

Well, onwards.

She up and quit her job and received the house upon his passing. Well, she had no savings and wanted the money that we owed her for the roof that Dr. Evil promised her. Needless to say I was miffed that Dr. Evil would promise her something financially without consulting me and I had just gotten the debt under control. It wasn't paid off but at least we weren't doing a punishing payback to get it down. Now that I've given her the money I am back to square one for paying it ALL back. I hate having it and deeply wish it would go away but as always it takes time. So no more fun until I can get it back to where it has to be. No more extras, no more nothing. It's not too bad in the winter because I tend to hole myself up anyways. . .summer is when it's hardest.

So that's that. . .I'm broke-a** again!

Now on to other hopefully uplifting news. As always I'm trying to lose weight. Not succeeding at it but certainly trying. I'm going to try a simple diet and now that I have a treadmill - gonna try to do that too! I hope to keep the balance that I have going now. Taking the girls to school on Monday to Wednesday and then doing stuff on Thursday on Friday so that I spend the weekends working on fixing the house. I sincerely hope that I can get Dr. Evil on board with me. As it's important that we get our lives organized and on the same page for the kiddles.

Dr. Evil tends to always make grandiose plans but not really short-term do-able ones. I'm trying to work with what I have but he tends to stray into the "well, we can do this if you do this and we should do that if we get that." I'm always attempting to tell him; let's work on what we have and when we actually complete what is at the top of the list then we can move on to the other things. I'll see how that works out and what happens. Hopefully, I will be able to complete all my resolutions as it's been an icky year and I'm looking forward to it ending.

Here I go. . .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Geez, it looks like everything and anything is ramping up, up, UP for me. I finished making some spooky cupcakes for the class and carved the pumpkins. I have now realized that I will be doing this every year. . .DAMN YOU ADULTHOOD. . .how did all this responsibility catch up to me?! Aaaarrrggghhh!!

Hope you and all your lil' trick-or-treaters enjoy a


Here's something I have never watched before but sat down to enjoy it with the kids this year. . .it's pretty good :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And you think you have problems o_O

So, I am still uber-busy but I'm gonna try to squeeze in a blog post here and there.

Had a busy Thanksgiving, nothing I would call pleasant but got through it - now I don't have to worry about going up north which pleases me greatly. Not too happy about the fact that I had to give Dr. Evil's mother our loan back. I was hoping to do it in March but she's destitute after her boyfriend passed away and needs to pay things. How does one become destitute after a month??!! Well, it just leaves us destitute and I guess and I'm not gonna question it since the lady has been bankrupt a number of times. It looks like the boyfriend's sons are going after her regarding the house which she now owns. All I can say is . . . good luck with that and boyfriend's family.

On to other drama. The soon-to-be-divorcee called me up this week and asked me a favour. She wants me to babysit her non-potty trained son for the weekend. Normally, she wouldn't ask me such a thing as it's kinda obvious that I have a problem with a kid about to be four who's not potty-trained yet but I accepted. Why, you ask?

Well, her ex and Dr. Evil's high school chum went off his meds and was acting a bit weird. She took her son over for him to watch and when she came back later to pick him up her son was completely bruised and battered. Her ex was spouting nonsense and said he was going to jump off the balcony and was attempting to take their son away from her. She freaked out (obviously!) and called his mother. The police came shortly after and arrested him and now he's at the hospital. She has no one to watch him for the weekend since her mother is working and normally it was the ex who would do it. So I said "No problem."

Sometimes other people's drama pales in comparison to mine. . .and that's a good thing o_O

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Canuck Thanksgiving!

Well, a short and sweet post!! Just wanna wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians out there :) I, of course, am off to the nowhere land known as Owen Sound for dinner and then a mad dash back the next day to get home. Ahhhh. . .fun o_O

Okay for some reason I can't put a pic up . . .so imagine some type of turkey pic here. . .


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back. . .albeit briefly

Yeah, been super-duper busy. . .probably not what would be other people's busy. . .but busy enough for me!

So I finished having Dr. Evil's B-day party, he turned all of 31 although I know both he and I look older. . .mostly me though. No one ever believes I'm an insane 28-year-old. . .more like a 48-year-old 'cause of the weight. Yes, I do look like I play World of Warcraft in my basement on a constant basis. As always, I'm trying to remedy that! I just want to thank the folks who helped me out. . .you know. . .all three or four of you who actually read my blog :) Now I also owe you money. . .please don't break my legs :S

I've also started taking the twins back to school. . .due to the hot chocolate incident I told them that I had to skip the rest of the school year but I'm back and hoping this weirdly freakish/h*llish year will be over soon! It seems the folks at the school are a little better organized now. We get a regular weekly schedule and now a monthly one too! She also put up a group on Facebook to tell us when it would be closed or if she had to leave early, etc.
This week they made handprint turkeys, and pumpkin playdough. This was vastly more fun than when I went earlier in the year. I'm also putting myself on a limited schedule from Mon-Wed since it seemed I never got anything done if I went the whole week. Also, Thursdays and Fridays, the place is so packed my kids never get to do anything so this works out for me and (yeah, I feel guilty!) them too :)

On another note, had my vents cleaned yesterday. Apparently they hadn't been cleaned in 7 years and the folks who owned the house before us were smokers and owned 3 dogs. This made for very nasty vents but according to the guys from Sears. . .not as nasty as the bird lady. I gotta say the guys were very professional and did some extra stuff for free for us. Also, I've noticed I don't feel that horrible lethargic feeling I was always getting from my allergies - BONUS! It's also warmer in the house since the furnace doesn't have to work as hard and most of the air is getting through now. . .I sincerely hope that the grand I had to pay up front will equal cheaper heating costs in the winter o_O
I also got to say this about Sears, never had to complain. I'm washing the twins' Dora sheets for the probably 300th time and they still look like I just pulled them out of the package. Outstanding!

So this week, the girls' will be in their godparent's wedding as flower girls. They're not really supposed to be in the wedding since it's a huge Persian wedding but their wonderful godparents decided to bend the rules and make them involved. I think that's awesome. They really are the most envious couple in the world . . .and I say that with love and . . .envy :P

Then we're off to the Sound for Thanksgiving since my mother-in-law is still at her wit's end after the passing of the boyfriend. I hope she can pull it together for her own sake since there is a lot of drama involved. But that's another story. . .

Take care, hope I'll have more time to post :)