Friday, September 25, 2009

Gone Baby, Gone. . .

G*d, that was such a sad movie :(

Will be on hiatus for a bit. . .got too much on the go right now. Will be back with better and fresher stuff to talk about :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheer Up!

Clearly, I'm in a funk and need some cheering up. So I'm going to do what I always do. . .movie binge! It's the only time I ever feel like watching movies back-to-back. Romance, Drama, Comedy. . .as long as it's good it will inevitably cheer my sorry self up and I will quit my pity party and get back to work.

So far I've watched

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging and I also enjoyed an enormous Doctor Who marathon. . .those Brits can do wonders :) I also believe I've become a Whovian.

Get back to it!!

This cheered me up too. . .California Raisin Michael :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead

So just recently this person passed away, either today or yesterday. His name is Rooster. He did my roof for me and has basically been a father-in-law to me since I got married 7 years ago. He was a nice person at times and fun. . .if only he gave up the drinking.

When he was drinking, he was just horrible. I already dealt with his type before. Angry, arrogant, violent, foolish and just about everything else you could think of.

He left behind Dr. Evil's mother as his girlfriend of course and three kids. I believe he is the third sibling to die in his family. His eldest brother committed suicide and I believe another brother died of a heart attack. His parents are both still alive. They, to me, were not very nice people and punished him severely growing up. . .as bad as he was I still believe that they were much worse and that's saying something.

I find this very strange but I honestly don't feel anything at his passing. I've known the guy for many years. . .I normally feel something for well, anyone I've known that long. Whether I liked them or not. I just feel that yeah, he did douchy things and he did nice things but he's dead as dead and nothing will change that. . .it's just a part of life.

I'm surprised, I'm normally more sympathetic but I lashed out a little at Dr. Evil and he of course said "Do not speak ill of the dead" but I just kept going. No, that wasn't right of me and I'll apologize to him but I think. . .I was expecting him to die. I just didn't know when and here it is. Frightening really.

I wonder what will happen when other people I know eventually pass away?

Hope you're in a better place Rooster and found the peace you desperately sought. . .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Haters to the Left

I believe this will be a very venting post for me. . .

  • I hate that you take super-duper long showers and leave the kids and I for hours with no hot water
  • I hate that you spend, spend, spend without thinking about how much you are spending
  • I hate that you never call to tell me how late you will be or where you are just as a simple courtesy forcing me to constantly call you
  • I hate that you are rude to me on the phone and tell me you're too busy to talk for 5 seconds
  • I hate that you never know anything; when you will be home, if you are working or not, etc.
  • I hate that you promise to do things and then never follow through, but jump at the chance to do things for strangers
  • I hate that you are always late! You were almost fired from a job for it, you caught taxis everyday at another job because of it and you just never go in at a consistent time for this job. Another thing is that it makes me late and folks group me in with you.
  • I hate that you never spend time with our kids. I have to force you to go to places just to spend time with them. . .you never just say "I'll take them to the park" on your own
  • I hate that you blame everything on your ADD. Lots of people live with all sorts of mental dysfunctions everyday and are still able to lead their lives in a respectable manner.
  • I hate that you are rude to my parents. Your family have never done anything for us in all this time and my family have done everything. I am never disrespectful to your family but you act that way constantly with mine. Anytime you're family do a little something for us. . .there are always strings attached.
  • I hate that you eavesdrop on my conversations. My friends hate it too and have told me that. Listen. . .it's my conversation; not yours. I don't eavesdrop on anything you say and put my two cents in constantly. Even worse is that you start shouting at me because you're offended that I'm refusing to listen to your two cents and trying to listen to the person I'm talking to instead.
  • I hate that you put others first instead of your own family. As I sit here sick wondering why you want to party with people you don't know instead of spending time with your wife and kids. . .but that has always been your choice.
  • I hate that even when you have free time. . .you always spend it on your computer. . .you have absolutely no hobbies or interests outside of a computer.
  • I hate that you have blocked me out of my own computer for years saying that it was necessary because I would wreck it. . .which is obviously not true. As it stands, I still can't download programs I want.
  • I hate that you never answer any of my emails or calls so I have absolutely no idea if you received them or not.
Geez. . .I could make this list go on forever o_O HA! I feel a little better now :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Is that the saying?!

Well, I'm going on a cleaning craze here. . .because let's face. . .I'm a stay-at-home mom. It's my job right?

That's probably why I like Mad Men so much. Not the racist stuff. . .mostly the clothes.

Everything from washing walls (kid's handprints) to ironing drapes. All for my oldest friends to visit me. This guy right here. . .And this chick right here and that same chick's sister. They actually got me into blogging in the first place - check out there blogs here and here ;)

I've know them for many, MANY years now. Now Dr. Evil also has LOTS of friends. Probably more than me. I only have to same small group that I still talk to.

Even though my life has diverged greatly in some cases from them. Shared experience can definitely bond people.

Dr. Evil is a little jealous that I have pals going back to grade school. He spent most of grade school in Saudi Arabia and didn't really keep in touch with anyone from there. He also spent a lot of time moving around in Canada and never stayed anywhere long enough to build friendships until he got to High School. Boo hoo for him. . .travelling all over the world o_O

So for these folks, I'm hoping to have my haphazard place spotless before they come. No easy task I assure you. Inbetween my mold-smelling carpet, vomit-stained sofa and mismatched decor I will try my best. Don't even get me started on the G*dd*mn garden!! Now it looks like I've got a nest of bees under my deck and it's out in my backyard that I want to chill with them.

After spending time at the Bombay Company. . .I was thinking WOW, this stuff is so nice! Expensive too! Why can't HGTV visit me and hook me up?? In the meantime it will be red and blue pillows and stuff I bought from Honest Ed's . . .only the best for my friends :P

Clearly I have absolutely nothing to blog about. . .Happy Back-to-School :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Three's Company

The other day Dr. Evil decided to "seriously" discuss with me the possibility of getting another wife. I am not joking.

His argument was that it would be more than beneficial. She could work and help me take care of the kids. I would have someone who could keep me company and that it would not leave me lonely anymore.

I countered with "well, why another wife?"
"Why not another man?"

My argument is; it would make more sense. I would have another man working in the house to provide for us. He could keep me company when you were always gone working. I could easily have children for him. Plus if he was the handy sort he could do all the things you leave like mow the lawn, take out the garbage, hang up my pictures, etc.

He said that wouldn't work because he is the jealous type. I of course, am not the jealous type so it would work better the other way.

So I said, yes. . .I suppose that could work but there are some things I would like from this person. She would have to live in a separate house because women are territorial over their things. Just can't have some chick coming in trying to re-decorate my place. Also, she could not have any children and would also be content with the fact that she could never have children. He said "well, what if she already had kids?
So I said "then she can't be with me because how would she support my children?"

"If this person never had any children, then she would automatically give my children preference instead of having her own"

I also said "Also, what if this person and I just up and leave you?"

"If we had all our needs filled with each other. . .why would we stay with you?"

I then mentioned an episode of Big Love to him where one of the characters had three wives and two of the wives left him to be together. When the character wanted to see his kids, they just laughed at him since he was not legally married to either of them and only his first wife. They just packed up and left him and he had no recourse to find them except to get in trouble himself for polygamy.

Dr. Evil didn't say much after that.

I think Dr. Evil decided to ponder his would-be polygamy a bit more ;)