Sunday, May 31, 2009

You'll find me at the Club

So I went clubbing yesterday. Always fun. The only thing that distressed me was my too much debt status and the fact that I just had to repair my car for $650. It put a last-minute damper on something I was otherwise looking forward too for a long time.

Now, as I have stressed hundreds of times I really have no life outside of these four walls. Occasionally, I visit family or friends but that's pretty much the limit of my social interaction. If it wasn't for the phone and internet I'd basically be a shut-in.

This was an opportunity for me to actual do something social, hopefully not budget destroying and most of all; the biggest reason I go. . .to see my friends.

I don't really like clubbing. I would much prefer to do dinner and a movie but sometimes it's good to get out of that comfort zone and do something you wouldn't normally do. . .just like Opposite George.

As a bonus, I got to eat sushi which I haven't had since well . . .eons ago and that was probably the highlight for me, besides the company of course :)

One of my problems is I get tired very easily. I vaguely remember that I used to go clubbing every weekend and be there dancing until they shut down the club. At that time, there was really nothing more fun for me to do. Now, I'm pushing to keep my eyes open past 12:30. Alcohol does not help.

The evening went pretty well. STBD was there and she said she enjoyed herself. I find she's a very critical person and spent a lot of time being catty about people there. She generally does that anywhere I go with her. BJL was a lot like that too. I think it's a defense thing for some people. I really couldn't care less about how other people look. I've been wearing the same clothes since 2003 so I'm not one to talk.

Well, on a positive note. . .seems like fun was had by all. I got to see my friends and enjoy my fave kind of food. Hopefully, I can do it again next year :)

Wish I could dance like this :) and yes, I love the movie White Chicks :P

Friday, May 29, 2009

Vampires on the Brains

So I finally finished the first book in the Twilight series. Starting now on New Moon. Also, I've finished watching the first season of True Blood so I've definitely got vampires on the brain.

I find them a little similar, basically weird chick falls for moody vampire. I haven't read the Southern Vampire Mysteries but maybe I will after seeing True Blood.

So here's my take on Twilight based on me not reading the other books.

Uhh. . .it's a bit contrived. It was definitely not a page-turner for me. I've read romance novels about just plain old humans that had more chemistry. I guess since it's a teen romance novel the characters are probably typical.

Bella seems to be a typical awkward teenage girl. Nothing special about her until she starts a new life with her dad in Washington. Probably a dream for most teenagers wishing they could escape the bland and boring of their existence. Only for her it becomes even better because the surreal Cullens live there and they're vampires. On top of that, Edward the "handsomest" of the vampires falls for her. Yeah, extraordinary now. . .probably a dream come true for every dorky, accident-prone girl out there. I can definitely see it's appeal for teenage girls.

As a friend pointed out to me, who has a very different interpretation of Twilight, Bella is a snivelling weak-willed girl who lives for Edward's attentions. Yes, that's probably true. But as far as I remember, that was pretty much every female I knew at that age. Now of course, there were exceptions. Girls who would not fall over if a cute boy batted his eyelashes at them but even those girls were few in numbers.

I guess on a scale of 1 to 10 this book is a two, maybe three at the most if I'm generous. There's a lot of deus ex machina and I just can't get into the characters as they don't seem to be fleshed out except on a superficial level.

Now that I've started New Moon, I'm starting to like the seemingly dorky-but-can't-get-the-girl Jacob Black. I'm assuming he's the male equivalent of Bella in the love department but from the spoilers I've read he's at least not ordinary.

Yeah, Bella is the plain chick who gets Edward's affections. . .this chick right here.

Good casting choice.

Now True Blood. I find it sort of similar to Twilight. Most likely because I'm reading and watching them at the same time.

The main character, Sookie Stackhouse is a mind-reading girl in a podunk town. Vampires have "come out of the coffin" after the creation of synthetic blood. The drink is called Tru*Blood and it allows them an alternative life so they can go mainstream. Sookie meets her first Vampire, Bill and is taken with him as she cannot read his thoughts.

I find Sookie very annoying. Despite being 25 and able to read minds she seems to be reckless and just does not think before doing anything. I don't find Bill very attractive but he seems like a nice vampire as far as vampires go. And hey, at least they actually have sex in their story.

Well, I'm hoping Season Two will be good. . .I'm just pissed about my boy LaFayette. . .

I'm Lafayette Bitch!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soon-to-be Divorcee?

Well, the little seems to be on the mend. Very slowly but getting there. And of course, since she can't go out we've been indoors for the last few weeks except for when we went to the bday party. It's not bad. I'm missing out on all the gardening. I have no idea how overgrown everything will be when I finally do get out there and cut that damn grass but I'm hoping it won't be too long.

So in other news, I'm actually going out and spending money. Something I've opted not to do in a long time because of the debt status. Oh, I have gone out here and there but nothing really. Well, if all goes according to plan I'm finally going to have sushi which I have not had now in pretty much a year. Also, gonna go clubbing but this will probably be the only time I do so. Now that I live so far it seems like a huge hassle. Staying with my parents is very annoying.

So I'll be inviting soon-to-be divorcee. Good company most of the time; but much like BJL she doesn't have any friends here and doesn't seem to have it all together in the practical department.

Now BJL has moved on and has a life and hopefully more practicality. But seeing both STBD and BJL are older than me and lack common sense just goes to show me that with age does not mean maturity.

Back to STBD. She is married to Dr. Evil's high school chum. I do not think much of the fellow. He just seems to lack all rationality. I cannot understand how folks get through life being so naive but hey, somehow they do. He married STBD and I met them for the first time when they came down to my old condo for a visit. STBD got pregnant around the same time as I did and has a son one month younger than the Things.

Now STBD and I bonded over the lack of common sense that Dr. Evil and High school chum had but whereas Dr. Evil knows when to back off. . .High school chum does not.

I began to hear of their relentless problems regarding their home, maintenance, money, child, etc. Basically, the norm stuff that affects most young families.

Well, still thought that maybe if they tried they could work things through. I was sure anyone can as long as you were willing too.

So I came down to visit them last summer. I went to their house which is (I guess) in the bad part of Hamilton. It was actually a very nice street. It reminded me of Parkdale with the old homes. From the outside their home was beautiful. A Victorian with stained glass windows and gingerbread (I'm a bit of a home buff). Then I went inside.

Can I tell you that the place was an utter PIGSTY!!!

Now when I say pigsty I really mean it was the worst home that I've ever walked into. Now I've lived in group homes and seen folks on welfare who had cleaner homes than their place. I've even let things slide but never on that scale. It looked like one of the homes I used to see on how clean is your house?

Let me describe it. There was mess and clutter everywhere. I had no place to walk. There was one of those huge stand-up recycling bins in the middle of the living room and it was full of garbage and there was garbage, crumbs and food everywhere. There was no place to sit. There were wires hanging out of the wall and everything was dirty. Mind you these people had a two-year old at the time. Open sockets and clothes piled everywhere. Their two giant pit bulls kept trying to jump on me. Their small child was just running around in this mess.

For my part I stayed polite and toured the rest of the home. Now the house itself was beautiful. Gorgeous styled oak staircase and if the windows were cleaned, the stained glass would have looked stunning but these two were not maintaining the property at all and it definitely showed.

I believe Dr. Evil thought that I had exaggerated about the house until he saw it for himself. He was appalled thinking they let their son run around with so many dangers.

Well, I thought. . .no wonder their life is a mess! If the chaos of their house was any indication than they really needed help.

I had asked STBD why they didn't clean the place up and this is why I really find her irritating. She said that she worked and didn't have the time to do it. Now I have plenty of friends who work and their homes do not look like that. So she chalked it up to her having a child. Another excuse. Then she said that her husband didn't clean so she didn't and he gave the same excuse. Um. . .are these people grown-ups? You don't want to clean because he doesn't and vice versa? You have a two-year old and that's okay with both of you to have him running around in this mess?

Oh and by the way. . .they wanted another child. My thought was; were they planning on making a crib out of the mounds of garbage in their bedrooms for the tot? Yeah, that will save your marriage.

Well, sadly. . .and it is sad to happen to anyone. STBD had a miscarriage and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. She kicked him out and found a divorce lawyer. He ran up the bills and then declared bankruptcy. These are adults. . .let me remind you again.

So that was in September and that is when they declared legal separation. They were fighting like cats and dogs and both me and Dr. Evil had to remind them that they had a son who knew what was going on and whether they liked it or not that was their son for life and they had to find a way to get along. Not until he was 18 but forever. This seemed to have stopped their incessant blaming and they moved on and found some way to compromise.

Now I guess being apart made them forget the past and they still love each other and STBD has told me many times that she would take him back. I suggested that perhaps it's better for them to live away from each other. Not every marriage is conventional and if that's what they had to do then consider their options.

So another thing that irritated me about STBD is the fact that she's constantly over. I damn well know why. My house is clean. Her place is not. Her son can run around without being in danger of electrocuting himself plus he has playmates. He's not in daycare so he doesn't socialize with any children. Unfortunately, his bad behaviour is beginning to show. The worst is that Thing One and Thing Two attempt to copy him which I hate.

Well, if you only have two days off instead of coming here and staying until 1 in the morning why don't you go home and start packing and sorting stuff. Then perhaps you can invite me over instead of just coming to my place all the time. After all, in the three years I've known her I've only went in the house once (unfortunately saw it) and have never been asked back again. And it would be nice if you didn't constantly invite yourself to my place because I like to do things like sleep and walk around in my underwear.

This weekend again she called to come over but I said the kids and I weren't feeling good so apparently trying to guilt trip(?) me she said that she promised her son that they would come over and he had been crying all day. Uh-huh, well I guess you shouldn't have promised him that without asking me first. So I said "aww, that's too bad. . well I gotta go get some cleaning done, talk to soon." I happily continued to spend the day in my underwear reading Twilight.

So the last thing (yes, I know it's a long post) is that she finally told Dr. Evil's high school chum that she wanted to get back together with him and he said no. She was very offended, angry and taken aback by this. So I talked to Dr. Evil and he said "she didn't tell you what she said?"

"Umm no, what happened?"

Dr. Evil told me that they were discussing it and his buddy was fine to get back together but he asked that she never kick him out again and that they would have to talk and work things out. Sounds reasonable to me.

She told him that that was fine and that she would take him back only if they started to try for another baby right away. Hmm, you're in mounds of debt. His job is unstable. You're home is still falling apart and you are on the path to divorce but want to try for a baby right away without at least working through one of those things???
Sorry, but I believe Dr. Evil's friend was very right when he said no. The smartest thing I've seen this guy do.

Will wonders never cease. . . .

Friday, May 22, 2009


This is just a random post that I will babble through.

Well, Thing One had another Doctor's appointment and she's doing well. Still worried about scarring and as I said before Dr. Evil is trying to be on top of it so she'll be able to wear a two-piece one day. His words not mine.

Now that she's getting better I have to start seriously thinking about the driving thing. You have no idea how much driving stresses me out. I sincerely hate it and still have anxiety attacks behind the wheel. On the other hand I don't want to throw away all the work I had to do a couple years before to get the G2.

These are the days I just strongly dislike Dr. Evil because I think if he had just gotten his licence like I asked him too then I could have had all the time in the world to get mine. Naturally, he never wants to do things the easy way so when I was stuck at home taking care of the kids and desperately wanting to move away from Toronto he was fettering away with his palm pilot. I realized then that if I didn't just go and get it, I'd be screwed forever. Mind you, even after I got it and I had to fight Dr. Evil and insane amount of times to get his. He's very much the kind of person that will say "why should I do it if someone will do it for me." I believe this motto applies to every area of his life.

As it stands, my neighbours think he's weird because I do all the mowing and gardening and heavy chores while he doesn't. He of course is ummm. . .progressive? Naturally, why should he lift heavy bags when I could . . .not like I was 7 months pregnant or anything - HA!

But I digress. So now I'm facing the dreaded driving test and even worse, it's the highway test. Totally Freaking Me OUT!! I'm going to try to start my lessons soon and attempt to get it on the first try. I doubt I'll be able to but I only have until September before it all goes away and I have to start at square one.

Just NOT looking forward to this!!!!!

In other news. . .Happy Birthday to this person's little guy who will be all of 2 today :)

Also, have to figure out what Opposite George wants. O.G.'s birthday is on the 27th and seems to be in a rut. Somehow O.G. believes that their life is extremely boring and they nothing new and exciting to do. Well. . .that may be true. But hey, that's kinda my life too - LOL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Short Entry about ME

Interesting, I found this while doing my stumbleupon. I really like the science stuff.
  • You were born on a Wednesday. (Guess I'm full of woe)
  • Your star sign is Virgo.
  • Your birthstone is Peridot.
  • The season was Summer.
  • You were born in the Chinese year of the Rooster.
  • The US President was Ronald Reagan (Republican).
  • The UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative).
  • You are 27 years 8 months 26 days old.
  • It is 97 days until your next birthday.
  • In dog years you are 189 years old.
  • You are 10,130 days old.
  • You are approximately 243,124 hours old.
  • You are approximately 875,245,246 seconds old.
Have the urge to post old school. . .umm, guess that means I'm getting old :S

Thank You!

Well, sorry about the long delay in posts. I was busy with Thing One.

She's doing better. Dr. Evil is nervous that there might still be scarring. He's been very diligent about checking her bandages. Much more than I have. I just slap Vaseline on it and patchwork it together as best I can. Mostly because by the end of the day after she's been running around they're falling all over the place and I'm exhausted!

She's been taking some godawful antibiotics too. I can't stand the smell of the stuff and she has to take it four times a day. She's braver than me, and has been doing it. Even Dr. Evil said that he tasted it and it made his stomach turn.

Thing Two has been pretty good. Sometimes getting frustrated because she doesn't want to play by herself. I never realized how much they depend on each other as playmates. Hopefully this bit of time apart will teach them how to play independently. They do play alone at school but I think when they are home they mostly turn to each other.

Well, I received a very thoughtful care package. Let me just say THANK YOU!! You are
and pretty damn swell :)

Opened it up and cried.
Very, very touched. There are in fact, not enough adjectives for me to express how I feel :)

I played Memory and I Spy with Thing One and Two today again(they don't seem to tire of it!) Then we coloured.
I proudly have their Get Well and Good Sister cards displayed on my armoire.

When my family came to visit me (might I add last-minute) on Victoria Day; my mother asked me what they were and I abruptly said Get well cards.

Still pretty ticked at them. They just don't know how to be there for anyone. My aunts apparently gave them a lot of crap for not calling and coming over as soon as I had said what had happened. They'll just never be those kind of people. I certainly hope not to have this family grow up the same way.

You and You are the best!

This song might be about a relationship but I still like it :) Have no idea if I posted it already. . .

P. S. Even though my favourite colour is in fact green; I like Meli's costume more :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Parent's Nightmare

So let me start at the beginning. Had a nice enough Mother's Day.

Dr. Evil bought me some breakfast('cause he's not too sharp in the kitchen) and I spent the day with Soon-to-be Divorcee and son. The girls had fun.

The next morning I was looking through the Canadian Flyer ad and saw half off on a small sewing machine on sale. While making breakfast I went to the bathroom to tell Dr. Evil to pick it up so I could hem his pants.

Then it happened. I heard the most blood-curdling scream from the living room. Now I often hear the twins crying and fussing but every mother knows when it's the cry that stops your heart. Dr. Evil and I blankly looked at each other and I raced to the living room.

I saw my eldest twin screaming with my freshly boiled hot chocolate all down the front of her. The other twin was crying because she was so scared of her sister's screaming. Somehow after seeing the sight of her my brain thankfully went to autopilot.

I stripped her clothes off and Dr. Evil looked blankly and his severely burned daughter. I screamed at him to run to the bathroom and turn on the cold water as I'm sure he was quickly going into shock and panic.

He turned it on and I pretty much threw in the tub and began spraying her with ice cold water. She was still screaming horrifically and started shaking because of the cold water. Dr. Evil was attempting to take off my clothes and telling me to go in with her ( Yeah, he was in a panic)

I shoved him off and continued to spray her for as long as I though she could take it. She began trembling violently and I turned off the water. Dr. Evil looked online at some advice from the Sick Kid's and said we had to put her in a cool bath. I told him to wash the tub fast. He said "No, there was no time."

I said "Umm, YES because her skin is exposed and there are germs in the tub so WASH IT!"

That's honest the fastest I've ever seen him clean something. Filled it up with cool water and I forced her to sit in it and then hopped in with her. She was still trembling and screaming. Begging me to stop the pain. I just kept trying to calm her down because she had started to hyper-ventilate. I told Dr. Evil to grab some Tylenol and give it to her. I also told him to go a little above the recommended dose.

Thankfully, Dr. Evil had a Doctor's Appointment the same day and I told him to call and take her with him. After again arguing with him (and his panic mode) I convinced him that it would be better for him to just go with her and to leave me and the other one behind. Too many people are too big a distraction and he would just have to focus on her and I'll focus on the other one. He also wanted to go to the hospital but I told him not too. The clinic is big and my family doctor could check on her properly and if needed admit her to a hospital as he'd have quicker authority to do that than if we waited at an emergency room.

In this time Dr. Evil was suppose to pack a bag. He drove off and forgot it. I looked in the bag and realized I had to re-pack it. I had also dressed, soothed and calmed down my little burn victim and my little non-burn victim. He came back and I gave him the properly packed bag and sent him on his way.

Only after he left did my arms and hands begin to shake uncontrollably. I guess the auto-pilot on my brain finally turned off. It's a good thing it has that function because I realized Dr. Evil is a little useless in an emergency.

I called Dr. Evil to check up how she was doing. At first I was waiting for him to call and then I realized he was probably still in shock and would not be calling.
He said she was doing fine; they bandaged her up. Our quick-thinking prevented her from having much more severe burns. Gave us a list of things to do and ordered us to go nowhere until she was healed because of her exposed skin.

When I peeled off the bandages this morning I realized just how bad it was and how much more worse it could have been. Her exposed skin looked like raw hamburger and she was screaming while we were changing the dressing. It took us a good 2 hours to finish changing it. The worse was for me. I had to rub the medication all over her raw flesh and she did not like it one bit.

Yeah, definitely a nightmare.

She seems to be upset that she can't play and has to lay down all day. Having a mobile twin does not make things easier. Also if said mobile twin is getting jealous.

As she explained to me "Mommy, I don't touch the hot chocolate."

I replied "Yes, I know sweetiecakes and it's good that you listen to mommy or you would have legs like your sister and you don't want that do you?"

"No mommy, her legs are all bloody and yucky and ouchy"

"Yes, they are. . .but they'll get better"

From the looks of it; it's gonna be awhile. Now it's just a matter of finding as many fun activities that I can do indoors.

I'd like to make a shout out to my aunt's who called me and were understanding and sympathetic to me. Unlike my mother and sister-in-law.

My mother who completely blamed me (naturally) and my sister-in-law who is so desperate for her own child she could care less about what anyone says. Weirdos.

Well, let me end on the positive note. Thing 2 held Thing 1's hand while she was getting her bandages changed. She kept kissing her and said "It's okay sister, don't cry"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This brought on the Lulz. . .

This is a definition I found. . .
A woman who conceives, gives birth to, or raises and nurtures a child.

I think it's much more than that. Obviously.

Whether Mum is here or not.
If she's called Grandma, Mom, Aunty, Sister or a whole host of other stuff.
She's there for you in one way or another.
As best as she can be.
I hope I'm there for them as best as I can be.
Because I'm their mom.

Now I'm someone who does not know how to relate to kids. I always say I hate them but that's not true . . .I don't hate them. I really don't know how to relate to them. Probably because as far as I'm concerned my own childhood was less than par. I guess since having my own I realize that you can go either way. Do the opposite or the exact same as your parent(s).

I'm trying to do better. I'll always be practical to a fault and even though I love them I always know what my goals are. To raise them to be able to take care of themselves. If they are able to take care of themselves they never have to worry. That's what I hope. And I have to start all of this from the time they are born until they are grown.

Like every mother's hope.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Always in a Funk

Yeah, I've disappeared off the planet because I was in a severe funk. I just get that way sometimes. It happened a lot to me when I was pregnant. I would just cry for hours. Terrible state to be in. Since I had Thing 1 and Thing 2 I don't seem to get them as much as I used to.

This goes way back for me. Had it in High School too but I took medication at that time. I sincerely don't want to take meds again because although I didn't get into funks anymore . . . I felt like I was a robot going on autopilot through life. Yeah, you don't get the funks but you don't have any joy either. . .just a bland existing. Not very pleasant.

Thing 1 and 2 were gone for the week to their godparents and then to my parents. They looked like they had fun; especially with their godparents. My parents aren't much of the interactive types but hey. . .they can take care of their basic needs in pinch.

Now they're home and today was a nice enough day that I said "F*ck it, let's go outside."

I filled up their kiddie pool and took their bikes out on the deck. Threw on their swimsuits and they were splashing and playing while I soaked up some sun and continued reading Twilight. I gotta say. . .after the halfway point that book is really hard to go through. Are these dinks gonna have sex or what?!

Anyways, I spent all that time outside soaking up some much needed Vitamin D and reading and in general relaxation mode. I even cut some watermelon for all of us to enjoy outside and grilled some burgers.

After we were all pleasantly tanned I came inside and felt like I finally had more energy. Whipped up a nice light soup and sat down to watch the Wiggles with the girls.

Still stressing on lots of things but today was a good today. I'm glad Dr. Evil is around to make excuses for me. He bought me more time to get better quickly.

If only they could invent that drug I saw Lisa Simpson take called Repressitol or was it Ignorital? If there was a real drug like that with no side effects that made me see smiley faces everywhere I went. . .I'd be set.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Brown?!

Just for fun. . .

()Your parents are strict
(x)You like bollywood music
(x)You've worn brown clothes
()Brown music is constantly playing in your house
(x)You've been to Gerrard street at least once
(x)You know who Shahrukh Khan is
(x)You know a badword in a brown language
(x)You've used a bad word in a brown language against someone
(x)You've accidentally said a brown word to a white person
(x)You've been to a brown country at least once

Total so far: 9

(x)Own at least one brown dress
(x)You like brown food
(x)You've watched those Brown serials on tv
(x)You've sang a brown song in public before
(x)You've screamed a brown word before.
(x)You scare white people or you have turned white people brown
(x)You admire a brown actor/actress like CRAZY !
(x)Your mom & dad's friends are your aunty and uncle
()You have to call your cousins or brothers & sisters who older then you a brown word
()You LOVE teaching white kids brown words

Total so far: 8

(x)you told your parents you got 98%, and they ask you what happened to the other two percent.
()There is a sale on any item, you buy 100 of them.
()When mail is a reinvestment... postage stamps are 're
(x)You never buy bin bags, but use your saved grocery bags for it.
()You put your clothes in suitcases instead of wardrobes.
(x)Your mother has a minor disagreement with her sister and doesn't talk to her for ten years.
(x)You call an older person you've never met before "uncle".
(x)Everyone is a family friend.
()You HAVE TO study law, medicine or engineering at university.
(x)You know no one who has studied music.

Total so far: 6

()Your best friend got married at the age of 17.
()You use chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup.
()You fight over who pays the dinner bill .
(x) You're dad starts arguing with you or gets into a fight with you and tries to speak english so fast that he does not make any sense.
()You say you hate Brown films/songs but secretly watch/hear them
( )you make a big deal if you see a girl and guy talking
(x)You at times say "open the light" instead of "turn the light on".
()You're walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and u see all twenty-five members of your family who have come to pick you up.
(x )You go back to your parents' country and people treat you like a member of the royal family.
()Your parents call all your friends "Beta" (son/daughter)

Total: 3

(x)Your parents drink atleast 3 cups of tea a day
(x)Your parents compare you to all of you friends.
(x)At least once a week your mom says, "I want to go to India/Pakistan/Guyana/ Trinidad "
(x)You're parent's always say while shopping abroad, "It's cheaper in India/Pakistan/Guyana/Trinidad/China"
()Everytime you do something wrong your parents threaten to send you to India/Pakistan/SriLanka/Guyana/Trinidad
(x)When you're at parties 'we're leaving now' means we'll leave in about 30 min
(x)You are in time for parties/ your family parties last till 1 am
(x)5ft. 5 Inches, is a record height in your family
() One of Your parents’ are doctors, engineers, or hotel/shop owners.
(x)A "B" or lower is totally unacceptable on your report card.

Total: 8

Multiply your score by two to get your brownness percentage...
34 x 2 = 68%

Geez, I just barely made the mark there. . .must be the CANADIAN in meh. . .eh :P

Friday, May 1, 2009

Deh Internets

Vacation is OVER!! Not that I was on a real one anyways. . .since I'm always at home - HA! Well, since sadness has set in I shall post my favourite internet memes to cheer me up.

I told Dr. Evil that this reminded me of him for some reason. LIKE A BOSS!

Yes, most folks would not admit to finding this funny. . .I'm not sure how my beloved 4Chan can get any more offensive. Well, there was moot being declared Times person of the year or something to that effect. . .PEDOBEAR!

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! (HA. . .even Family Guy got into the groove!)

For the Uber-nerd. . I am aware of World of Warcraft due to a certain Cave Troll. So I found the Leroy Jenkins meme much funnier than I should have. Leeeeerrrrooooyyyy Jeeeennnkkiinnss!

What, What. . .in the Butt (Hey, even Butters Stotch sang it!)

Dad's Home. . .and Dad can shoot lasers. . .PEW PEW!

Ha. . .I could probably go on and on.
Oprah saying 9000 penises
Don't Tase me Bro!
Numa Numa
Om nom nom
Yeah. . .I love me deh internets :)
Just so we're clear. . .this is in fact a filler post. . .Enjoy yer weekend!