Monday, August 31, 2009

"Lost Wages"

!Warning! Long Photo Post ahead. What I learned in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas means the "The Meadows." It was definitely "green" but mostly due to lots and lots of green cacti.

Drinking is pretty much free. . .booze makes people gamble. I'm the exception ;)

You must walk through a casino to get anywhere.

You better have a watch because there are no clocks or windows through any of the casinos.

There's no such thing as "skanky" when you're in Las Vegas.

Sometimes the accent can sound really "hot and sexy" or it can sound "trashy and screeching."

White people go wild when Bon Jovi or this song comes on. . .

Real cowboys terrify me. . .it's the brown in me; can't help it. I'm sure they were nice though.

Smoke anywhere you want. . .even in people's faces.

When you start singing the True Blood theme song to yourself; fellow fans will mob you.

The only music played is country, blues, serious old-timey, jazz and classic rock music - even at clubs. Apparently the good folks there have never heard of Britney Spears. I also heard this song well over a hundred times when I was there.

Some parents don't care if their kids walk right up to "wild" big horn sheep. Yeesh! As a matter of fact some don't care if you're just sitting at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Not like you can fall or anything.

Depite all the attractions I still believe it's a place for adults.

Apparently in Las Vegas. . . I'm one of the thinner people o_O Opposite George was downright anorexic compared to folks there.

The view is always beautiful. . .no matter where you look.

I would go there again in a second. . .although I might go with Dr. Evil next time ;)

Hualapai House @ Grand Canyon

One of the places I went to for my Bday; these folks sure love Bon Jovi!

The MGM Grand @ Night; very beautiful hotel

The Wynn and The Encore had awesome clubs; Tryst and XS

For some reason this Coke Store just fascinated me. . .it was directly across from a Pepsi sign of course.

One of the lovely Hualapai Girls was gracious enough to pose for me.

The Grand Canyon. . .I could have gotten a better shot if I went right to the edge but I was kinda scared too; it is pretty damned deep after all.

One of the boats @ Treasure Island. Fun for the kids - there's a nightly pirate battle here.

The Hoover Dam. . .ummm. . .it's a pretty big dam.

The Hualapai believe this is their chief come back in the form of an eagle rock formation. I believe. . .good way to sell stuff ;)

The Colorado River; I was actually in Arizona to see the Grand canyon. Nevada and Arizona's state lines meet @ the Hoover Dam. You learn something new everyday.

The New York, New York Casino. . .very cool to see.

Some Big Horn Sheep just chilling in the park eating grass like it weren't no thang. They are also the State animal for Nevada.

The Excalibur Hotel. Liked their themed dragon, folklore, myth shops. It's also where I saw the fabulous "Thunder From Down Under" on my Bday. Crikey!

I am a Sex and the City fan so I had to take the pic. I'm sure the guy thought I was weird but that store was completely empty.

The Paris Hotel around the middle of the strip. . .very lovely.

Just a stunning place; so lively and vibrant. . .loved it.

The Luxor Hotel @ night. . .my crummy digital camera didn't catch it that well but it was just fantastic. I saw the Bodies Exhibit in there.

My view every morning. The whole valley surrounded by beautiful mountains.

I went to see Cirque du Soleil's KA @ the MGM Grand. Superb show.

The Lion statue outside of the MGM Grand. . .the entire place was just so brilliant. Gotta recommend it to everyone I know. . .well worth the trip!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Heat!

Will be on hiatus. . .see ya folks :) Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't believe this month is almost over! I'm gonna have to start taking the kids back to school next month. . .aaarrrgghhh! It means getting up super early again o_O Well, if you get something for free(not really free because I pay and arm and leg in taxes) then there can be no bellyaching about it.

At least the weather is looking up. I hope to have at least a few fun-filled weekends before summer is completely up.

I've been a slacker of late. I was feeling in a funk again. I tried to suppress it. . .but it's difficult to do sometimes. To remedy my situation I've been watching LOTS of romance movies. I especially liked The Namesake, I think I cried about 5 times through that movie. My least favourite was Shakespeare in Love. . .that movie just plain sucked! How did that win an award over Saving Private Ryan???!!! It's only saving grace was having Colin Firth in it and he was the villain!

My rundown of movies I've watched. . .

He's Just Not That Into You
Pride and Prejudice
Love Actually
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Namesake
Shakespeare in Love

I shall continue my sojourn into romance movies. . .does anyone have good ones to recommend?

In the meantime, the kiddles are really enjoying this weather. I filled up their pool (finally!) the other day and they just stayed outside for hours. By time I got them inside, gave them dinner and showered them; they were falling asleep!

The same thing happened yesterday. I took them outside and I was wondering why it was so quiet when I was on the phone with Opposite George. I looked up and told her " Girl, they done knock out again!"

Now, they went outside again and Dr. Evil went to check on them. He said that they were sleeping on the loungers outside o_O That just means I'll have a heck of a time getting them to sleep tonight. I'll assume it's a growth spurt. . .that and their sudden huge appetite.

Yeah, ROMANCE. . .wish I had some of that o_O

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I only have that title up because their my new favourite group. I have their songs posted below. I'm not sure what their category is. Dance? Trance? Whatever it is . . .I'm really groovin' on it. Also, since it's said Dead Mouse they are my partners against my mortal enemy! That's right. . .I use the word groovin' :P

Came back from Marineland today. Pretty fun. . .helps that we planned the trip better. Packed a wheeling cooler full of food and got up earlier. Although we didn't leave as early as I wanted to leave. . .that's okay. Still go into the park a full half hour earlier than the last time I went o_O

Funny story. There was an italian woman with a bunch of kids older than mine and all of them were acting rowdy and fighting each other. She kept telling them to knock it off or this is the last ride they were going on. They started yelling at her "no, they wanted to go on the other rides!" So she answered them back without batting an eyelash. "Oh don't worry, I got the best ride for you kids. . .it's the one in the parking lot with four wheels. . .it's called the car ride home!"

I had to look away to stop from bursting out with laughter. . .zing! Parent - 1 Kids - 0

It's was nice to be out. I hate watching the summer pass me by without me doing anything. . .I know the funds don't allow it but I know that in the winter I'll simply hibernate. If I didn't go to school with the girls. . .I would just be in all day. Which reminds me, I need better winter clothes. The useless garments I call winter clothing are strictly meant for the cocoon that Toronto seems to be wrapped in. I always thought Dr. Evil was joking but ever since I moved here I've experienced true canadian winter! I'll need to bundle up before the leaves start to turn.

Lastly, enjoyed my True Blood and happy that my Mad Men is coming back soon. Just have to wait eons before I can watch Lost again. I really like True Blood. I think the story is terrific. The character are flawed. They have vices with sex, drugs and booze. I actually hate the main characters Bill and Sookie. . .I find them really annoying. Then I think. . .that's pretty good. Making a telepath and vampire so human. Humans are annoying and flawed. Unlike the characters in Twilight who are perfect so to speak. They hunt animals and have chaste kisses with their human lovers. Ecccchh!
As Beel from True Blood said (about Edward Cullen from Twilight)"He's a pussy! He's the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires."
Well said Bill. . .well said.



House Music? Whatever. . .it's sweeet!

Friday, August 7, 2009

An. . .Eventful Weekend

So, since all the cool kids are doing it. . .here's my Caribana 2009 rundown

  • After ten years. . .waiting to go to Caribana
  • Dr. Evil says he has to work. . .still waiting
  • Assume I'm not going since it's Saturday @ 2:00 p.m.
  • Finally, get on the road to Toronto. . .only to miss our exit and take an hour to get back to where we just came from
  • Park several major streets away and start walking
  • Finally arrive at around 4 and everyone I know is leaving
  • Spend time there until 8 and leave because families are gone and only the rowdy folks are left
  • $25 for 3 pieces of BBQ CHICKEN?!?! (Kissing Teeth)
  • Get up and attend Hut Like Peppa Picnic
  • Run into younger cousins
  • Plan a night clubbing during Caribana. . .also, have not done that in 10 years
  • Clearly, the drinking abilitly does not run in the family
  • Wake up with a pounding headache. . .spend the day very disorganized
  • Finally, make it to sibling's house and the kiddies have some fun
  • End up staying in Toronto until Thursday when Dr. Evil finally comes to pick me up o_O
  • Spend most of today sleeping and finally catching up on True Blood
  • Marineland tomorrow!
Yeah. . .maybe I'll skip Caribana next year o_O!