Friday, January 30, 2009

Bay of (Married) Pigs

So hell week for me is done to some extent. I skipped taking the twinsies to school in the hopes of starting my hurricane clean but find myself in more of a funk than I'd hoped to be in. I was trying to fight it. . .but it came regardless. Cue me eating a muffin with chocolate frosting and sprinkles and deciding I needed to halt the work and watch something that would uplift me in some way.

I decided on something I hardly ever watched but was aware of. . .you cannot be a woman and 'not' at least aware of "Sex and the City."

It really was a good show and I've just watched the first three episodes of the first season. I finished with watching the episode Bay of (Married) Pigs. Carrie Bradshaw waxes on the enmity/pity/whatever you want to call it between singles and couples.

A brief recap of the episode finds Carrie thrust into a relationship with a guy who desperately wants to be married and the point is driven home when she brings Charlotte and Samantha to his housewarming party and finds he's 'only' friends with couples.

Miranda tries desperately to climb that corporate ladder is accidently set up with a lesbian as her co-workers believe she is gay (funny in real life that she turned out to be just that with rojo caliente!). She plays along because it's the first attention he firm's partners have shown her.

I found it quite funny. It's been a looooong time since I've been single but I haven't forgotten what it was like. I was very lonely and I had very much given up on finding anyone. I think I made peace with it and just stopped looking. I also remember feeling like I was just getting desperate for attention and I didn't who I was becoming. The hanger-on, the person who was always the third wheel, or looked at like I was about to steal someone's significant other. So not the case, because that's not my personality. I decided right then and there that I would only focus on the other aspects of my life.

I wanted to get my life togther and save money and travel. At the time that's the only thing I thought about. After a while I think I exhuded that and that I wouldn't settle for anything because I was focused on what I wanted.

Shortly thereafter I met hubby and he "sorta" swept me off my feet. I liked that I never have to put on "airs" with him. . .that right from the get-go I could just be my plain boring self and that he liked that about me.

At first you just want to spend every waking minute with that "significant other" and that's understandable. . .you're in love after all. Eventually, over time the honeymoon dips and it's just a steady stream with peaks and valleys inbetween. No. . .there's no happily ever after. . .just trying to make the best of everyday.

Now after seeing this episode, I get that it's lonely for some single people and that the "coupledom" seems like a big club that everyone wants to get into. Unfortunately it also skipped on some things.

For one, being in a couple doesn't always mean you're not lonely. Hubby works a lot and even when he is home there's always things to be done. . .doesn't leave a whole lot of time to spend together . . .it just leaves you tired and wanting to sleep so you can start early on the next day. I'm sure hubby feels the same way.

But it is lonely. I've told my "single" girlfriend this many times. I actually spend more time talking to her and telling her the goings on and stresses in my day than the hubby. . .would that make her more my significant other than the person I'm married to?

Another thing is envy. Being in a relationship also means you have certain responsibilities to that person. Almost like having children, you can't go anywhere without telling them. You can't shirk off your duties. . chores, childcare or whatever they may be. There is definitely a freedom I enjoyed when I was single, just going out with my friends whenever I pleased.

So, in this ramble I guess I wanted to point out that it's just a different set of circumstances. If you're single you may feel like the loneliest person in the world but then again you can also be in a relationship and be lonely. . .might just be a different kind of lonely.

Also, I wanted to say. . .don't be someone you're not. I tried it and I hated it. I'm always happy when I can just be plain, uninteresting me. I like routine and order. I had to realize that there was nothing 'wrong' with that.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I hope that I have never made anyone feel like I did when I was the third wheel. I do try to see my friends just on my own and not "force" the couple thing on anyone like it was done to me. After all, hubby and I aren't joined at the hip. I like having the time apart too. . .makes me feel like my friends are just there for plain uninteresting me. That's why I always call going out with my friends "dates" now.

There's probably a lot more that I can say on the subject, but I'll stop for now and leave more for another post. I have to get back to watching "Sex and the City" and then calling my "significant other" to ask her how her day at work went :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Worst. Week. EVER!

So I have the twinsies starting pre-school this week. I, along with many other parents and the teacher attend. All in all, it's an excellent program. Encouraging kids to interact and learn while getting accustomed to their future school environment. Also, parents get a chance to socialize and meet each other as their children will be attending the same school. Yes, it's free and that would make it quite excellent I would say.

Now the "other" part. My twins. I think in my mind I thought they were better behaved than they really are. Perhaps as a parent I was making excuses for them. Thinking that they might outgrow some behaviours or that some actions were only because of their age. Alas, when you receive nothing but dirty looks from other parents you might realize that maybe their not as good as you thought.

Let's see, they grabbed toys from other children. Cried going to the Gym and then cried leaving the Gym. They threw screaming fits several times. They screamed and cried leaving the pre-school and in the hallway. . .let me just say that schools have a strong echoing effect. They wouldn't let other kids have a turn at whatever they were doing. They weren't quiet and listening during storytime. . .rather they decided to tell their own stories. So yeah, it's been kinda hell week for me and it's not even over yet.

Although I try to enforce as many rules at home as I can. . .they don't translate well to a giant classroom full of kids. Well, I have this year and next year left. Hope I can get them in better shape before actually school. o_O

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Short R-A-N-T!

I think I need to rant just to get it out of my system and I shall do so in point form

  • I'm tired, more than tired. . .exhausted! A little help would be nice
  • I'm broke, more than a little broke. . .winning the lottery would be nice despite the fact I never buy tickets
  • I'm overweight. . .would love to see myself shed some pounds since the hubby has already lost eight and I've lost none, yet I'm eating the same things as him and I'm at the same activity level. . .yet zip
  • Actually scratch that. . .wish I had hubby's metabolism
  • I have stress, I probably create most of it myself but it would be nice to get away somewhere and just de-stress and also spend some time on myself. . .I can't remember the last time I took a shower that was longer than 5 minutes
  • I would like to have more entertainment in my life. . .I have no cable(hey! it's expensive these days) and I can't remember the last time I read a good book or went out to see something, probably last year. . .wish I could do more of that this year.
Well, I guess that's a pretty short rant list. . .hmmm, makes me feel better knowing it's that short. Maybe next time I'll do a grateful list.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Nose Nuggets!

Yes, that is what I told them today at school. They did not listen as I hoped they would and I sincerely hope that they will not be the "gross" kids at school.

Three years ago today I got up quite early and in quite a lot of pain later, had two beautiful baby girls. Boy, reflecting on that . . .I really didn't know what I was in for! It's certainly been a learning curve for me and them. One thing is certain though, my life would be radically different without them.

Today, they did me proud at their first day of school. They minded their manners to the best of their abilities. For the most part they attempted to share. They didn't wail as much as I thought they would when we had to leave, but they still wailed.

I made all their favourite treats for them, and they're watching an inordinate amount of cartoons today. Three down, a lifetime to go!

Happy Birthday to my beloved Girls!! xoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Break Up in 64 Easy Steps

Surprisingly, quite realistic!

Lost Love

Yes, my beloved Lost is on again. I know that not everyone is into Lost. Hell, I wasn't into it until the second season but once I was, I got hooked.
I think quite honestly it's because I'm a sci-fi fan and frankly, there's nothing else out there that is like Lost. At least nothing new. . .there are only so many Star Trek:TNG reruns I can watch. There was a time when tons of shows like these were on and now, hardly any. The networks needed to make room for such winners as The Hills, Survivor and Big Brother I guess. In the meantime, I will tune in LOST and hope that the networks start catering to geekdom once again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mister (President) Obama

Well, I've just finished watching the inauguration on the CNN/Facebook feed. Very impressed.

I loved President Obama's speech, calling on what I felt, not just Americans, but on everyone to assume responsibility. The man is most definitely the leader of a younger generation. Now the REAL work begins.

I pray that it really WILL be a better day, especially for the future of my kids and of those next generations to come. Good Luck Mr. (President) Obama!

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Honda!

Surprisingly it looks like the picture I have in my previous post. So Flavio couldn't settle on just getting the same thing at a reasonable price. Nope, had to fight me about getting an upgrade when we're already stretched to the limit. So the new one has heated seats, heated mirrors, all controls by the wheel (actually a good feature for a scaredy-scared like me) and some other bells and whistles. The main argument he used was that our winter tires wouldn't fit on any other car so I said okay. After all the tires were $1100 and I didn't want to lose that money. Lo and behold he calls me up and says "Ummm, the tires don't fit so we need to sell ours and get new ones." I must have turned thirty shades of red in an instant! Needless to say that he's in the doghouse after getting a earful from me. I still like the new car though, leather is easier to clean :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well, the last of my visits are done. Some surprises there. People weren't as jerky to me as I thought they would be. Well, except one. . hey, I invited you. . .not your dog!

So ends 2008. Not bad, was excited about Obama. Got my first real house!! Very happy about that. Worked out more issues, nothing major but it definitely helps to WORK IT OUT!

Incurred a lot of debt which is a big minus AND lost my car which is also a big minus but hopefully on my way to fixing all of that. Other than that. . .not bad, not bad at all! 2009 here I comes! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009