Saturday, October 13, 2012


 I've been a little introspective lately. I was thinking about how much and how dramatically my life changed over the last few years.

I was thinking about the choices I've made and the road I took. It's always hard to know if you're making the right steps.

Sometimes I wish I could visit a fortuneteller or soothsayer who could accurately tell me what path to take to ensure my happiness but especially the happiness of Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I am very keenly aware of how my life and choices affect them. I try my best but I often feel that I am failing them. I wish I could provide more for them.  I know that many people have told me that as long as I am happy they will see it and feel it but sometimes I'm not so sure if I'm providing enough for them.

I'm sure every parent feels that way. I have seen a person with two loving parents and what I consider a wonderful life end up very insecure and not very happy. On the other hand, I've seen someone from a completely broken home and having a parent abandon them living a very hard and difficult life end up relatively happy and loving and fairly put together.

I guess it's hard to know.

 Love this song since I heard him sing it on the VH1 awards -->