Friday, July 6, 2012

That's What Dreams Are Made Of

 I went to my cousin's very awesome wedding this weekend. It was absolutely amazing. . .definitely hard to live down :)

I got pretty drunk. . .happily so and my thoughts only turned to one thing. That I was there alone. I've always hated going to weddings alone and I should really start asking a friend to come with me but then I think they might feel awkward too, especially a guy lol!

So I did what I always do. . .I just danced the night away until my cousins took me home. I don't even remember what I said to anyone *hangs head in shame*

A few guys friended me on facebook. I don't remember them. I think I remember dancing with them but that's about it. I know for sure I didn't say anything weird because I only talked to my cousins all night. Good times had by all - HA!

My babies looked so pretty :)