Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everything at Once

Sometimes it feels like everything is just happening at once. Do you know that feeling? All the plans and events and timings are just concentrated around the same dates in that damned calender!

Yesterday I attended my cousin's bridal shower and enjoyed seeing her as an up and coming bride. I think she is too young (22) but she looks happy and I know she has been with her man for some time. I look forward to her wedding and dressing up my girls, getting their hair did, lol :)

I have classes that I'm taking to refresh what I barely remember for school. It's scary the amount of stuff I've forgotten but I will definitely make the effort and try to study super-hard for the next two weeks and that exam is approaching super fast! On the plus side I'm glad I took the course because I've gotten so much material to help prepare me. . .just have to make sure I fully utilize it!

On Tuesday, I'm going for my first dress fitting for Griz and Da Boss' wedding. I look forward to it but I'm also super nervous about it too. I'm more a friend of Griz and I don't really know Da Boss' friends. Technically, I'm the only one representing the groom on that side and I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job. . .I hope I can do better because they are my girls' godparents and I genuinely want to make sure I'm impressive.

Need to lose weight too. . .must learn more about this Insanity from this chick

Happy Sunday  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mr. Halifax

So I was seeing Mr. Halifax since June 4th last year. It is the anniversary of my friend's wedding - the same wedding that I attended and where I met him.

He actually ticked me off when I met him. I just thought he was weird and didn't know how to be social. I didn't realize that he liked me and was following me.

Of course, after a bunch of booze I started to talk to him. I really don't remember what I talked to him about but I know I talked like I didn't care because I figured I wasn't going to see him again since I was flying back home to Ontario.

He surprisingly really made the effort to keep in touch with me. We talked pretty often and got to know each other long distance.

We fell in love over the time and he flew me out to see him. It was wonderful and a very happy even if it was a stressful time for me.

I was so thrilled to leave London and have him visit me twice and then for me to visit him once three months in a row.

After that I didn't know when I was going to see him again. I became extremely stressed and worried about so many things that I was trying to deal with. I really didn't want the stress and jealously from him that I was dealing with so I called it quits. In my defense I was having so much trouble sleeping, crying all the time, losing my hair and just generally unable to cope with anything.

Since I couldn't change anything else in my life. . .that was the thing that had to go. I still tried to talk to him but I just needed to be alone so I could cope with my stress. I think he was just angry all the time. . .and also hurt, which I understand.

I still try to be friends with him but I don't think he's interested. It's weird because I don't think he's interested in having a relationship with me either so I don't know what he wants. Sometimes I think we should just stop talking to each other because. . .doesn't look like we're going to go anywhere in either the friendship or relationship department. No idea?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update. . .more will follow. . .sometime!

Hmmmm, I never no what to blog about. I guess an update?

1. Still divorcing idiot. . .don't know how many more years that will take. Can't believe it's 3 already. The scuzbag who doesn't pay child support or see his kids won't sign their passports so I can't take them on even short trips across the border :S

2. Getting used to being alone here. I'm glad to be surrounded by friends and family - it's makes it less lonely since I think there's a difference from being lonely and being alone. I've tried to help my mom improve her place since I've settled in. I told her that it looks like I'll be here with the twinsies for the long haul instead of short considering how much time has passed. Even with paying debt off and taking another job - it would still be some time before I could get on my feet. . .I'm sure the twins will be "how old by then?"

3. Job is going okay. It's just part-time. I'm hoping once I become certified through my exams that are on the horizon that I can be qualified to take on another job and keep this one. Hopefully, being able to pay everything off and maybe save for a vacay for the girls and myself.

4. I talk to this guy. I'll call him Mr. Halifax. Mostly because my colleagues at work call him that because of another friend there who has Mr. Florida :) He's wonderful but the long distance is very hard. Also, I'm just used to men being men and me being me. . .not an easy combination - HA!

5. Weddings! Yeah, I got three of them coming up. Is everyone afraid the world will end so they all picked THIS year!! lol

6. Weight Gain. . .and yes, I'm pretty up there. I need to really focus on losing it because I'm the biggest I've been in a loooonngg time and that's not good. I know it's mostly from me snacking and not exercising enough. I find that I can only concentrate on one thing at a time and at this point. . .my studying is taking priority over my proper eating and working out habits. NOT GOOD!

7. EVERYONE'S GOT A CASE OF THE BABEHS!! :D Okay, not everyone. . .but I know like 5 chicks who are currently preggers.  Can't wait to see all these little ones (Must be that end of the world thing in effect again)