Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Great Evening

Today after I finished work, I went out with my co-worker for coffee.

I had such a great time!

Just some background here. My buddy I went out with - we pretty much started together. He was a co-op student. . .and well, I had no training in my jarb.

We definitely clicked. . .since we both spoke english for one, also we were hard workers.

He's an awesome friend. He's always pushing me to do more and never settle. Completely helped me passed my provincial and federal exams.

After work, we went to Starbucks and he grabbed a plain coffee and I (of course) drank a Caramel Macchiato and Lemon Poppyseed cake (yeah, I told him I just conceded to our friend and lost the battle of the bulge competition we were having lol)

We talked about work A LOT and everything else too for like 4 hours straight! He's still always there pushing me, don't settle - we can do more. We're hard workers and there's so much we can do and get done and accomplish.

I believe him.

I kept thinking, man - my buddy reminds me of someone.

I started talking about my sister and how she's always pushing me. Then it dawned on me that they have the same personality. I laughed and told him. . .no wonder we get along so well buddy - you're just like my sister. In fact, you're the same age and same strong motivation.

I also told him. . .you have the same problem with overloading yourself with too much work and responsibility. Take a breather now and then buddy.

He said he looked forward to meeting her at a party I have coming up. I told him - she'll probably really like you too :)

I also told him. . .make sure you can make it and not go to one of your 4 other jobs - HA!

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