Monday, January 7, 2013

This too shall pass. . .

I had lunch with the twiddles godparents yesterday and got them all caught up on the constant craptacularity that seems to be my life.

I went over being alone again and they were supportive as they always are.

I regaled them with my home issues which I never tell anyone about. . .the only reason I tell them is because their godfather lived with me and saw things firsthand so he tried to offer me solutions but I explained why I was just. . .stuck! They understood.

I talked about my plans this year and how I hoped to follow through on things that I had started. They said that I could come by and have a break with the lil' ones. They were more than happy to help out any way they could.

They are so awesome. There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful they are. I've never met people I so want to see very, very blessed in their lives. Insanely generous with their time and money and efforts. I told them flat out. . ."I don't know what I'd do without you guys in my life"

They bought me groceries too lol

They really are good stuff

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