Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sacred Heart Diet

Okay, I promised this update of my weight. I dropped to 151!! Hey, I think 5 pounds is pretty awesome for one week. I think I'll stick to the Veggies, Fruit and Protein thing. I even cheated and had Ceasar salads - so I think that's pretty amazing. Still need to pump up the exercise. All in all I'm very pleased - especially with the energy I have now and my face clearing up.

Don't think I can stick to it forever though because . . .well. . .I LOVE carbs. . .they're delish! But I can handle a few weeks until I'm ON DE PLANE :D

Here's a throwback I heard on G98.7 - man, I miss music like this sometimes. I especially love that she's not the thinnest chick on the planet and has curves and a great voice.

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